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"Sarao Distillery's  current success stems from a heritage  of exceptional people dedicated to quality, integrity, independence and innovation. Sarao Distillery is focused on its future as an independent, international company offering distinctive, premium spirit brands. People are the final ingredient in the business model.  Sarao Distillery people are enterprising people. They enjoy a flexibility afforded by a short decision tree. Sarao Distillery's  ownership model frees the company to be quick in its decision-making but long range in its planning. With its unique ownership model,  envied brands and enterprising workforce,  Sarao Distillery continues to be a distinctive, independent  force in international premium spirits. Sarao Distillery promises  its customers to deliver the best taste in spirits.

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Sarao Distillery
SCO-22, 2nd Floor, Mini Secretariat Road,
PUDA Devigarh Division Complex, Patiala,
Punjab -147001 (INDIA)

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+91 85340-67000,
0175 2970879

E : info@saraodistillery.com

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